Hospital Information System
  • OPD Registration
  • Tests and Investigations Slips
  • Tests Reporting
  • Treatment
  • Indoor Patients
    • Admission
    • Discharge
    • Transfer
  • Billing
  • Financial Accounting
  • ICD-10
A complete solution for handling the information requirements of Hospitals and Nursing Homes. Allows total record maintenance right from OPD Slips to Indoor Admissions to Discharges.

The system also its users to prepare and delivery pathology and investigation reports.

A General Framework
a. The data structure
b. Management of standard master and other data
c. User Permission and Security
B OPD Registration Module
a. OPD Patient Registration
b. Waiting List - Consultant wise
C Consultant’s Treatment (Clinical) System
a. Complain
b. History
c. Working Diagnosis
d. Request for Investigations
e. Reports and Findings
f. Advice and Prescription
g. Referral and Follow-up
D Investigations / Tests / Services Registration for OPD and IPD patients
a. Pathology Tests & Investigations
b. X-Rays
c. Sonography
d. Other Services
e. General Receipts
E Investigations / Tests Reporting
a. Report generation by the labs of the centre
b. Designing of Standard Reports
F Indoor Admission
a. Admission of Patient
b. Record of Shifting from Ward to Ward / ICU and vice-versa
G Nursing Chart
a. Charts maintained by the nursing staff for Temperature, BP, etc
b. Chart for prescription and medication
H Discharging System
a. Discharge Card
I Billing system
a. Detailed itemized bills
b. Net Value fixed amount bills
c. Outstanding Status – bill wise
J Financial Accounting
a. Cash Books, Day Books
b. Account Ledgers, Trial Balance
c. Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss
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