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At Data Spec, our core function is to provide software consulting service.

We undertake the whole gamut of activities to create and maintain computer based solutions for your meet your requirement, including....
  • understanding your requirements,
  • providing guidance about the optimal design necessary to meet the needs of your end-users,
  • helping you choose the right development strategy that fits your business' unique resources,
  • building custom software solutions,
  • providing training on the developed software, and
  • providing hand-holding support in implementing the solution.
To-date, we have successfully delivered a wide variety of customized software solutions to clients spread across all kinds of demographies and profiles.

We specialize in providing solutions that harness the benefits offered by latest developments in the windows, web and mobile techologies to provide a comprehensive solution for your requirement.

Our team of experts analyze your requirements and suggest the best among the web / desktop or mixed mode of development.