Education Information System
Data Spec's Education Information System is for schools, colleges, coaching centers and other training facilities where you need to maintain student details.
  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Admissions
  • Fees Received
  • Fees Due
  • Subjects
  • Periods
  • Attendance
  • Performance
A General Framework
a. The data structure
b. Management of standard master and other data
c. User Permission and Security
B Course / Batch Maintenance
a. Courses offered by the institute
b. Year Wise (or Session Wises) Batches
c. Subjects for Each Course
C Staff - Teaching & Non-Teaching
a. Records of Staff
b. Attendance
D Student Records
a. Details of Students
b. I-Card (Identification Card) Generation
E Pre-Admission
Progress in admission process
a. Application
b. Entrance Exam
c. Results
d. Interview
e. Admission
F Fee Received and Outstanding
a. Fees Receipt
b. Fees Due per Student
c. Alerts for Outstanding and OverDue Fees
G Academics
a. Class (or Periods or Lecture)
b. Teacher for each class conducted
c. Students attendance each class or for entire day
H Results
a. Performance particulars for exams
b. Result Generation
I Payableble
a. Bills Received
b. Payable Statement
c. Issue Cheque or Pay Cash
J Financial Accounting
a. Cash Books, Day Books
b. Account Ledgers, Trial Balance
c. Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss
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